About the Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group (MRPMG) - Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers is a platform that will meet once a month with the objective of sharing, collaborating on interesting projects. Our members have interests across the following areas - Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Pi Pico, ESP8266 / ESP32, 3D printing, High Altitude Ballooning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Smart Home tech, etc. Our meetups are held at Docklands Makerspace, Victoria Harbor Promenade. We are thankful to the City of Melbourne including the team at Docklands Makerspace for their ongoing support.

Our subgroups include -

  1. 3-D printing - Many makers need custom parts that can't be purchased off the shelf, using a 3-d printer is the perfect way to help create exactly what you want and fit it all together. We have many experts who have been using 3-d printing for many years on our forums. They can help you with any 3-d printing related questions. 
  2. Home Automation - The Home Automation group meets twice a month on discord but also runs sessions on different Home Automation tools, capabilities at the monthly events, so drop by and check out what's happening.
  3. Boats & Submersibles - Our Boats & Submersibles group are collaborating on the build of a science platform to be used for experiments on top of and underneath the water surface. Drop by and chat to team about design, build, test of the floating science platforms.

At our meetups you can expect to hear from our members on projects they are working on and explore opportunities for collaboration on Open Source / Open Hardware platforms. We tend to also have speakers at each of these sessions sharing their knowledge on topics that interest makers. From time to time  Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers conducts tutorials/workshops to get folks started hacking with their Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, ESP32's, etc.



Sign up to our meetups using the link provided. We usually meet on the 1st Sunday of every month at 1230. So see you at the Docklands Makerspace and lets get making, creating, tinkering - https://melbourne-rpi.com.au/meetup. See our list of events for the year at https://melbourne-rpi.com.au/events.

Chat with Discord - We keep in touch through discord (Chat Server).

  1. Join us at our Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group Discord Server.
  2. Joining us on discord doesn't cost you anything, it's absolutely FREE to join but please see "Things to keep in mind" below.
  3. URL for getting onto discord is - https://discord.gg/4FkrKJeNt5.

Free Learning Resources for Kids Of All Ages - If you are looking for FREE learning resources please head over to our learning site KidzCanCode.

  1. Access KidzCanCode at - https://learning.kidzcancode.com/
  2. At KidzCanCode you will find free learning tracks on Web Development, Getting started with the Raspberry Pi, Introduction to the Arduino, Working with the BBC micro:bit, 3D printing, 3D Designing and modelling with Blender, robotics, etc.
  3. KidzCancode also is a great resource for kids who want to get started on their STEM learning journey. You'll find FREE learning tracks on Scratch, BBC micro:bit, robotics with the BBC micro:bit, etc.
  4. You can also head over to https://projects.raspberrypi.org/ for projects, learning material covering the raspberry pi, Arduino, etc.

Things to Keep In Mind -

  1. Please note that Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, age race, religion, favorite programming language and operating system, or any other personal attribute.
  2. At Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers, we do not tolerate harassment of Melbourne Raspberry Jam participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any venue including the online forums and email communication.
  3. Participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from Melbourne Raspberry Makers meetup [without a refund if applicable] at the discretion of the committee members.
  4. Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers is about open, participatory knowledge sharing, learning. We are a platform that will meet once every month with the objective of sharing projects, collaborating on interesting Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc. related projects and hacking with Open Source / Open Hardware.
  5. Harassment and discrimination simply has no place in this environment.



Contact Details - For any additional information please drop us a note at "mrpmg at hack2 dot live" or drop by on discord and chat to us there.

Ongoing Support - The Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group would like to thank the Melbourne City Council, the Docklands Library and specially the Docklands Makerspace for their ongoing support.

Stay safe - Please take a couple of minutes to read the foundation guidelines at - http://rpf.io/safeguarding

Location for the meetup - The location for this meetup is :
Docklands Makerspace & Library -
Library at the Dock,
107 Victoria Harbour Promenade Docklands
Google Maps - https://goo.gl/maps/5Up7wfxU5vR45A9BA