Competition: Interested in winning a Raspberry pi 4 8GB board, roll-up your sleeves and get making!!!! Have a look at what others have done with Raspberry Pi’s, check out YouTube videos and speak with your peers to see what you might come up with. You are absolutely allowed to leverage ideas from other existing projects you might stumble across over the internet. However, your creation needs to have an "original" extension to it. This original extension could be in the form of new features, custom code you've had to write, additional capabilities you've implemented, etc. Please do not blatantly copy, paste content/code from Github and consider your project worthy of being entered into the competition. Your entry will be rejected if you we find out that it’s a copy of an existing project with ZERO changes or modifications to it. When referencing other projects, building upon others work/ideas/creation we would like you to reference those projects/creators in your submission. That shows your honesty and it also tells us clearly what parts of the project were from the original design and what you’ve done to extend the existing capabilities. Here’s some guidelines you might consider following:


WIN ME!  Pi 4 8Gb Ram!

1.  Work through different project ideas and pick one for your project.
2.  Submit your entry through the submission form on this website (Link here). Final submissions close 30th October 2020.
3.  Write up 15-20 lines on your project summary and send it through to
4.  Identify fellow mates who might want to get together and help you with your creation.
5.  Design, build, code, test....keep iterating through until you get your project to a shape and form where it can be presented. Fail fast, learn fast and move on.
6.  Take pictures along the way. You'll need to submit 5-10 pictures of your projects through
different stages of it's evolution.
7.  Create a video introducing your project, giving us a demo of how it works and talk us through the features of your creation including the challenges you encountered along the way.
8.  Prepare 6, 7 for submission. Upload to Google Drive, Dropbox and send us details/links to download.
9.  Present your project on the final day, let the world experience your creation. Please
reference the work of other creators/projects you’ve used to build your project highlighting the extensions you are responsible for.
10.  Please keep posting updates on the project through the #competition channel at the
Melbourne Raspberry Pi Discord chat server. It's important that you engage with the
community, ask questions, run ideas past people and see how best to incorporate feedback
11.  Results will be declared at the Dec 2020 Raspberry Pi Hackers Group meetup.

An external judge will be responsible for selecting the winning entry. Details to be provided closer to the final date. This is an opportunity to get together, collaborate, make, create along with your peers. Your project will be judged based on creativity, collaboration, use of discord to engage with the maker community, innovative ideas being implemented, potential impact to society through possible use or outcomes from your project.

An article featuring your project will be published on The Raspberry Pi Hackers Group website and a link to your project article posted on the Raspberry Pi Discord Forum.

How to Enter

Fillout and submit the following form. You will recieve an email confirming your entry, and an email address to submit your completed Project.

Raspberry Pi Competition