Contribute to the HAB Project

Thank you all for being part of the HAB (High Altitude Balloon) group. It's been fun, challenging and an interesting ride so far. As you would know early last year a few of our members (Chris G, Trevor W, Trystan ) pooled resources to purchase key hardware required for the HAB (High Altitude Balloon) launch i.e. flextrack board, USB receiver , Sensors, styrofoam boxes, etc. Working together as a group we configured the platform and had loads of fun testing out the HAB setup with kites. It's now time to take the next step and invest in hardware required for our final round of testing this side of 2021 including the final launch.

 *  *  *  STATEMENT OF INTENT  *  *  *

The stated intent is to:-  Launch a balloon as high as we can (Aim to get to ~30Kms), taking photos during ascent/descent, capturing relevant sensor data and ending with a successful safe retrieval of the payload before the end of 2021!

Furthermore our intention is to create 3 interchangeable balloon gas fillers with 3 different sizes. ( Small, Medium, Large )

  1. The Fillers will be made out of a ~40cm length of PVC tubing and an End Cap with a hole in the middle.
  2. The End Cap will then have a clickable joiner, so it can be swapped in and out depending on the Balloon neck size.
  3. The hose will have a connector on it to click into the PCV gas filler.
  4. The hose will then connect to the output from the flow meter attached to the Helium cylinder.
  5. A scientific balloon with a rated payload and burst diameter will have a parachute attached and a payload styrofoam box attached.
  6. The payload will consist of Multiple tracking systems, at least 1 x camera taking regular photos, multiple sensors logging sensor data
  7. We will lay out the Balloon, parachute, and payload in preparation for launch
  8. We will fill the balloon with our Helium cylinder using our homemade gas filler.
  9. With CASA approval and favorable conditions we will launch our Balloon
  10. We will have multiple chase cars with tracking receivers, coordinating in order to retrieve the payload

*  *  *  End of Statement of Intent  *  *  *

Bill of Materials

Estimated Costs for our Balloon Launches ( with many reusable items ) Green = possibly reusable

1. Supergas 1 x 3.5 m^3  cylinder = $200  ( per fill) ( helium is 99% pure )
2. Cylinder hire for 1 month = $14  
3. 20mm PVC pressure pipe x 3m = $6.64  
4. 40mm PVC pressure pipe x 3m = $21.92  
5. 40mm  PVC end cap =$1.65    
6. Pope 12mm hose grip connector x 4 = $37.80  
7. Pope 12mm 2 way hose adapter x 2 =$8.40
8. Toledo 6-16mm Perforated Clamp Hose Fit x 8 =$9.28  
9. Pressure relief valve = xx $
10. 1x Pressure Gauge Plus Analogue Flow meter = Borrow from @peglegsqueeks
11. Parachute designed for top attachment ( attachment point at top of parachute ) = TBD
12. 5 x Gloves ( to protect the Balloon from damage ) = ??
13. 5 x Safety Glases =??
14. CASA assessment = 150$
15. Scientific Balloon for rated payload = TBD

Please note the Bill of Materials may change as we learn more about what is appropriate and what is practical, given our stated intent.

  • As you've seen the costs of the launch are pretty steep however a lot of the gear we invest in (items 2 - 14 ) are reusable and will be re-used for future HAB launches. It would be nice if we could spread these costs across members of the group who are keen to support and be part of the 2021 HAB (High Altitude Balloon) launch. We are asking for members to contribute a minimum of $50 towards the 2021 launch.
  • The money is to be transferred to Harsh T (called Treasurer here on-wards). As an initiative lead, group lead I think it's dangerous for too much control to be in one person's hands and hence I've suggested that no $ be kept with me. Harsh is happy to keep the funds with him and spend them on our behalf while Chris will be responsible for storing the hardware at his place. That way we have shared responsibility and are able to keep each other in check. If you have any suggestions, concerns please reach out to Trevor/Chris for a chat at the earliest.
  • A few things to keep in mind:

o   Purchases will be made as per the agreed Statement of Intent (listed above) & will roughly follow the bill of materials with possible additions & deletions in line with the statement of intent.

o   A session will be held to finalize the statement of intent and an agreement will be obtained as a group.

o   Once an agreement has been reached purchases will be made and the remaining funds will remain with the Treasurer. After the final launch the remaining funds will be divided up and returned to the group or used to fund future launches.

o   No single individual will have the ability to determine the investments to be made. Once a group decision has been made purchases are to be made in line with the statement of intent.

 o   A statement of accounts (for amount collected, spent) will be provided by the treasurer at the end of the launch.

Please understand that by contributing to the balloon launch financially you will be relinquishing control over the way that the funds are utilised.

The funds will be used to attempt to achieve a successful Balloon Launch as per the statement of intent, but the individual purchase decisions will be out of your hands. Decisions will be made with group consultation, and may or may not always be to your liking.