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High Altitude Ballooning

What Is High Altitude ballooning

High Altitude Balloons are generally un-crewed balloons, usually filled with helium or hydrogen, that are released into the stratosphere, generally attaining between 18 and 37 km above sea level. High Altitude Balloons are known to have attained altitudes of close to 53 km (32.9 mi; 173,900 ft).

High Altitude Balloons have been used extensively by meteorological organizations around the world as weather balloons for purposes of obtaining measurements of key environmental variables i.e. wind speeds, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. This data is used to model weather conditions and provide weather predictions. Meteorological organizations tend to launch such weather balloons at-least once a day from various locations across their countries for purposes of data collection. Here’s in Melbourne the BoM or Bureau of Meteorology launches weather balloons twice a day, every day.

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The most common type of high-altitude balloons these days are high-altitude weather balloons. Other purposes include use as a platform for experiments in the upper atmosphere. Modern high-altitude balloons are designed to carry complex payloads which could include electronic equipment such as radio transmitters, cameras, or satellite navigation systems, including GPS receivers.

These balloons are launched into what is termed “near space”, defined as the area of Earth’s atmosphere between the Armstrong limit i.e. 18–19 km (11–12 mi) above sea level), where pressure falls to the point that a human being cannot survive without a pressurized suit, and the Kármán line i.e.100 km (62 mi) above sea level), where astrodynamics must take over from aerodynamics in order to maintain flight.

Due to reasons beyond our control the High Altitude Balloon initiative had to be wound down. Reach us on discord if you would like more details.

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