MMF2024 – iDunk

 iDunk- a technology update of the fairground Dunk Tank or on the TV program "Get Your Own Back"

Chuckie has been running a Twitch.TV channel which allows his followers to remotely fire devices at him.  This project takes some of his ideas and turns them into a local interactive fun event, where a volunteer (parent) can be shot at by their tormentor (child).



  • To create an engaging interactive experience for all ages and abilities 
  • To use technology in a creative but easily understandable manner
  • To play on different relationships (parent/child, mates, partners) to invoke fun/revenge by reversing the norms
  • To create a challenge/reward activity possibly with an element of learning and/or collaboration
  • To modernise the old fairground ‘dunk tank’
  • This is based upon the ideas of @meChuckie and his Twitch stream. As such he should be the key decision maker in terms of sharing his IP and development of new ideas.
  • On his channel ‘clients’ can select a number of devices to direct at Chuckie on the the stream in real time remotely
  • These include
  • These devices are remotely activated through wifi to ESP8266 devices with a relay 
  • We have limited funds to develop new components 
  • We have limited time
  • We would need to prioritise and organise a collaboration in MRPG
  • We will have limited space at MMF2024 so may need to modify/limit our ambitions 
  • There will be requirements imposed by Monash regarding what we can and cannot do in our exhibition area.


  • Just use some/all Chuckie’s set up
  • Use the Twitch interface 
  • Build our own local interface console to:
  • Add new devices e.g. haptics to simulate electric shock (vibration), tickling, patting
  • Put the Nerf gun on a remote controlled arm with a camera on the site to allow visitors to point the gun


  • Space - No table required(?)
  • Materials that can be used  - Smoke? Silly String? Bubbles? Nerf 'bullets'?
  • Time / coding to build robust / safe interfaces
  • Console build
  • Console and device mounts  - maybe fixed to the "chair of torture'?
  • All the skills - recruit volunteers

What, Who, When, Where & How?

  • Get agreement from the MMF2024 'committee' - Mick by end of January


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