Monash Maker Faire 2024



Image on left : Mitch, Chris at the MRPMG table, MMF 2022  || Image on the right : Chris, Rob, Greg at the MRPMG table, MMF 2019

Makers, tinkerers, creators at the Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group (MRPMG) have been participating and supporting Monash Makerfaire faire  in 2020 and 2022.

We have found them to be fun community events, engaging families with kids of all ages. Our makers at MRPMG have been part of the maker scene here in Melbourne, Victoria and we believe this is an event not to be missed. If you have any interests in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), then you absolutely need to make the time to drop by, support Monash University and check out the amazing work other makers are doing here in Melbourne, Victoria.

We have learned a lot through our participation at the Monash Makerfaire over the years. On this page we layout our initial draft list of potential projects that might be showcased at Monash Makerfaire 2024 (1st December, Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Victoria) .

In the following page we have adopted the GROW model to organise our thinking and planning.

We are thankful to Mick H for taking ownership, leading the charge with regards to the planning for Monash Maker Faire 2024.  If you are interested in participating as a maker, need support or assistance, please reach out to Mick H on discord and we'll get you started with your project.



The goal of this planning activity is to create a fun and memorable day for all. The members of MRPMG will have to -

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Know their audience
  3. Think 'outside the box'
  4. Utilise technology
  5. Collaborate with other makers, tinkerers, creators
  6. Reach out through the MRPMG discord forums, ask for help when you need it
  7. Keep it simple

and on the day of the Makerfaire

  1. Make it memorable:
    1. Create unique experiences,
    2. Build projects that engage,
    3. Offer souvenirs (where possible),
    4. Design with interaction in mind.
  2. Get feedback, tweak, improve, optimize.
  3. And most importantly, have fun along the way



So here's what our current situation looks like....

  1. We have a little over 10 months from the beginning of 2024 to get ready and finalise the projects to be shown - it will fly by!!!
  2. We have limited time due to work and family commitments.
  3. We have a small budget (TBD)
  4. Different projects are at different stages
  5. Some projects may not meet the criteria for displaying at the faire (size, noise, visitor engagement)
  6. Some projects may be over complex but could be simplified for the day

Let's use the time to ideate, brainstorm, identify other makers who might want to collaborate, build prototypes to showcase the outcomes, tweak and optimize your finished product based on feedback and input obtained. We recommend you subscribe to the Lean and Iterative development approach i.e. start small, advance in small iterations, test and fail often, gain input and feedback from real end users, tune and optimize.


Challenges & Options

  1. Space at the Makerfaire is allocated to our group, its shared space
  2. Be cognizant of OH&S requirements, reach out to us on discord to clarify
  3. Avoid use of restricted materials (e.g. water), certainly no projects with open 240V (or higher) interfaces
  4. Present capabilities (interfaces, etc.) in a way that the average can understand allows you to engage most kids, teenagers and adults.


  1. Simplify, Use floor and space efficiently
  2. Avoid use of harmful or dangerous materials,  strict OH&S standards apply
  3. Have visuals to attract attention, minimize use of words
  4. Any electrical gadgets or electrical cords that need to be brought into the Makerfaire will need to be tested and tagged
  5. When in doubt, please ask. Monash University and MMF organizers require us to adhere to strict OH&S standards


Projects To Be Showcased

  1. Networked Robots (Prof. Ahmet Sekerci) 
  2. DJ Driver
  3. iDunk - Help required (Contact Mick H on discord)
  4. Model steam generator - (RobC)
  5. Magic Laptop (Chris P)
  6. iRobot (Chis P)
  7. VR Haptics Experience (Jason)
  8. Scary Photo Booth (Flynn)
  9. The LED Wall (Rohan A)
  10. Rehab Balance (Jason, TBC)
  11. Project TBC (Seon - Unexpected Maker)
  12. Project TBC (Trystan CJ)
  13. EMDRC Participation TBC (Luke)


We welcome makers, tinkerers, creators across the country to come, participate and support Monash Makerfaire. If you are one of those makers, tinkerers, creators or innovators who need support, keen to put something together but are stuck on a nagging issue, or even just need direction on the overarching architecture then please consider dropping by at our discord chat server and talk to us at the #Project-Show-N-Tell channel. We are always keen to meet other makers, keen to help out and get you going with your project, idea.

As one of the moderators, servant leads at the Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group (MRPMG) I have the privilege of working with you makers, tinkerers, creators to support you on your projects, get you going with your ideas and help inspire the thousands of kids, adults, families who come to Monash Makerfaire. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me (Mick H) on discord, ask for assistance. We are here to help.

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