Steam Generator

Not ‘SteamPunk’ but a working scale model!



  • To create an engaging interactive experience for all ages and abilities 
  • To use technology in a creative but easily understandable manner
  • To create a challenge/reward activity possibly with an element of learning and/or collaboration
  • Beautiful piece of machining and modeling
  • Place context to the history of technology with a focus on how manufacturing has changed over the last two centuries.
  • Be able to show and talk about the “Industrial Revolution”
  • Show what physical computing actually is  - Control of machinery and equipment.  As opposed to software app development.  Ideal application for what platform  A RaspberryPi

January 2024    Model and control built and running.  (See video of V1)

Plays a video on the screen talking about the industrial revolution (YouTube clip)

Now at V3 but cannot run with steam on the day due to safety

Ambition Dec 24  Leverage the installed  Rpi to host a SCADA frontend (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).  This will enable control of the engine speed versus energy generated.  This uses an industrial application which is used in the real world control of manufacturing equipment.  Inductive Automation USA based) has released a “maker version” of the licensing model which can be used for non profit applications.

Options & Obstacles

  • Leverage position and create digital twin with data points in the VR
  • RPi camera in the model to create a mixed walk through with overlaid presenters - Micro camera?  Green Screen?

What, Who, When, Where & How?




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